Dominic Smith: Content With Nationals - NY Sports Day

Dominic Smith: Content With Nationals - NY Sports Day

Great Attitude @dominicsmith22 and thank you for quoting everything happens for a reason - we call it @ehfar. #nationals #ehfar

Former Met Dominic Smith scored his first extra-base hit since July of last year at Citi Field on Tuesday night, and was content with his new surroundings. Smith had been playing with the Washington Nationals since his release from the Mets in the rebuilding process and a one-year contract. He was relaxed and talking to a few of the younger players that are a part of their rebuilding team, and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity. Smith has gone away from trying to be a home run hitter, focusing more on getting on base and accumulating runs. He believes the clock is good for pitchers and that the game will eventually be adjusted for the new surroundings in the game.

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