Signs vs Nope: Which Movie Is Better?

Signs vs Nope: Which Movie Is Better?

Interesting read between two movies. I'm going to have to go back and watch signs as it's been many years. I haven't seen Nope, but also sounds like a good movie.

, on the other hand, is very clear in its religious messaging. In a quiet moment, with Hess and his brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), Hess breaks down people into two groups: those who believe in miracles and those who don’t. He argues that some people see signs and meaning in the world and believe that everything happens for a reason, while other people believe they are simply on their own and every scenario could play out 50/50: good or bad. “Or look at the question this way,” he says, “is it possible that there are no coincidences?” Signs is fully explained by its ending, and while subtle messaging is often better in film and overt explanations of theme and message can be ham-fisted, this is one such scenario where Signs trumps Nope in not trying to be purposely mysterious in a seemingly self-conscious way, allowing the audience into the world Shyamalan wanted to build.

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