What Nicolas Cage’s Knowing Movie Was Really About

What Nicolas Cage’s Knowing Movie Was Really About

I'll have to check out Nicolas Cage's 'Knowing' movie. @nicolascagefans I missed it from 2009, but sounds like an interesting film. At @ehfar, we believe there are moments in life that happen for a reason.

The Knowing Movie, starring Nicholas Cage, was panned by most critics and viewers due to its puzzling themes and seemingly over-the-top ending, but a closer look at what it's really about suggests it's a lot better than it's cracked up to be. The film jumps fifty years into the future and centers around how the character of Nicolas Cage feels torn between the conflicting philosophies of determinism and randomness. It also portrays how an alien race had foreseen Earth's future and was trying to rescue a select few moments before disaster struck the planet. The movie ends with Cage accepting his default reality, and the comfort of understanding that everything happens for a reason comes at the high cost of accepting that you must let your child go.

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