My name is Justin Pickar (pick*car) and founder of ehfar®, pronounced êh*far. I'm a self-proclaimed optimist, entrepreneur and seeker of truth. After 25 years of pondering why we find ourselves in random, maybe not so random moments, I started this company to try and make sense of it all and share ehfar with you. 

Born and raised in small town North Dakota, I grew up very active in school activities, shoveling pig sh!@, driving harvest trucks, playing card games and eating lots of lefse. After college and playing college football, I tried Corporate America, which was far too stifling for me and my 'energy'. I said to my closest friends and family, "this sucks, and I am going to do things differently."

I saw the potential of renewable energy in my hometown and the economic boost it could bring to rural America and how it could be yet another seed crop for farmers and ranchers. I researched renewable energy companies and interviewed those that had the potential to be a good fit for my hometown community. I joined the team of a firm that was founded by a farmer and entrepreneur. That wind farm now powers over 100,000 homes. That was 15 years ago. 

Just over 15 years ago another interesting thing happened in my life. I found my passion and trademarked the five-letter acronym ehfar everything happens for a reason. I've always known that I needed to share ehfar with the world, but the timing was never right. Today, more than ever, I've realized there are moments in life that DO happen for a reason.

Just like many of you, I'm a father, son, brother, loyal husband. ehfar is a lifestyle brand developed with the help of talented and wonderful people. The brand is inspired by the mountains (the caret ê), the plains, the ocean and all of the moments that we have launched, sailed, run, bounced into. 

ehfar will deliver content as the exclusive resource of ehfar moments, merchandise and strives to create a community that compliments our collective outlook on life. 

I've learned a lot in this journey, and I promise to keep ehfar a work in progress for you and will continue to learn from it - as it matures and grows.